Our Mission

  • To Make Every Student Watersafe
  • To provide an environment where every student learns and enjoys the benefits of swimming
  • To help each student to increase self-confidence and independence through swimming

About Our School

The Shorefront YM-YWHA is proud to have a formal partnership with the SwimRight Academy, bringing this premier swim instruction program to Brooklyn. SwimRight Academy is a premier learn-to-swim program. We focus on creating a positive learning experience in a safe, energetic environment.

  • Our unparalleled swim method has been developed and perfected over 15 years
  • Comprehensive training program and ongoing staff development
  • Our classes have very low student-to-teacher ratios for optimal results and safety
  • Strong student retention through our unique rewards-based curriculum
  • Regular skill tests allow for continuous monitoring of student progress

Teaching excellence one stroke at a time!

SwimRight Academy




This setting is a perfect opportunity for parents to bond with their children 
while establishing comfort and water safety.



These classes are designed for parents who want to spend quality time with 
their child while introducing them to the fundamentals of swimming and safety. 
Our experienced instructors will guide you on correctly holding your child in the water, submerging techniques, and the importance of the back float. Engaging songs and games will introduce skills that lay the foundation for future lessons.



Our advanced infant swim lessons are tailored for parents who are eager to progress through the SwimRight® Method. Building upon the skills learned in 
the beginner level, this class focuses on independent swimming while maintaining parental presence in the water. Your child will gain confidence 
and further refine their abilities in a supportive and nurturing environment.




Our elementary school equivalent program that focuses on learning how to be safe and independent in and around water is essential for every child. The main goal is to teach the skills and knowledge necessary for both children and parents to be safe and confident in the swimmer’s abilities.

Through a series of fun and simplified skills and drills, we keep children engaged and focused as they progress from level to level and conquer more advanced techniques. 

By completing the SwimSafe Program, children will have learned the necessary skills to be safe and independent in the water and established the proper foundation for learning all four strokes when they progress to the SwimRight Program.






The SwimFast Program is the ultimate opportunity for swimmers to unleash their potential, challenge their abilities, and explore the path toward joining a competitive swim team. Designed for graduates of our SwimRight Program, this program offers a seamless transition into a more advanced swimming journey. Swimmers will embark on the Pre-Team phase, where they will experience structured team swimming workouts combined with dryland exercises designed to build muscle and increase coordination. With a primary focus on endurance building and technique refinement, swimmers will progress through advanced training sessions that take stroke mechanics, speed, and overall performance to new heights.


For those with aspirations to compete at higher levels, our SwimFast Program serves as the ideal steppingstone. These swimmers will continually refine their skills in order to be equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to smoothly transition into the world of competitive swimming.


Swim Academy Hours of Operation
Day Hours
Sunday 9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday  3:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

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