Join us for an incredible summer

Spend an unforgettable summer as a staff member at the Shorefront Y Summer Day Camp in Brooklyn! We are currently looking to hire the best, brightest and most creative staff we can find.

Work in a team creating an environment that is safe, warm and engaging for everyone in our camp community. We encourage individuality and love to see counselors showing their personalities and talents as they lead daily activities for their groups. The summer is an exciting combination of trips, special event days, color war and overnights that requires a fun, energetic and responsible staff to pull off.

Division Leaders

Individuals that possess the special qualities that are required to lead a group of staff/children who are in their desired age range of choice. Division leaders must have exceptional organizational skills, exemplary time management, the ability to work with large groups of both children/staff, and the keen ability to be a leader at all times. It is a division leader's responsibility to map out the direction their groups summer will take, by planning everything from daily activities for children, to planning/running staff meetings with their counselors in appropriate areas related to camp.

This position entails supervising a group of staff from 10-25 personnel, and a group of campers varying from 40 – 90 (depending on the division). A division leader's main responsibility is to supervise staff and the programs that they have instituted for the summer.

Specialist: Arts & Crafts, Dance, Sports, Drama, Science, Jewish Culture, Ceramics

Specialists are a selected group of individuals whose role is to enrich, inspire and strengthen campers through their area of expertise over the course of the camp season. Specialty staff should bring enthusiasm, knowledge, strong organizational skills and talent, as they engage campers and staff in their specialty area. Innovation is rewarded and we love to try new things. Each specialty head is responsible for creating an age appropriate curriculum, submitting materials lists on time and executing projects and activities in a way that makes even the shyest campers into stars.

Head Counselor

A head counselor is responsible for maintaining the well being of his/her assigned group throughout the duration of the summer. Head counselors are responsible for a group of up to 15 kids along with being a supervisor for the counselors (up to 4 counselors) assigned to their groups. It is the responsibility of the head counselor to make sure that all staff/campers are actively engaged in all activities throughout the day while promoting a safe and fun camp environment. It is these individuals responsibility to make each child feel important and special to assure the best summer.



Counselors are responsible in assisting their head counselors to successfully manage and control their assigned groups. Counselors are generally responsible for making sure campers are engaged in all activities by participating alongside the campers in each assigned activity.

Counselor In Training (CIT)

Teens participate in additional training before hiring, as well as participate in community service projects and trips beginning in February until June. Teens who have proven to be responsible and good with children will be selected to be C.I.Ts.



Volunteers participate for community service hours helping out in the “back stage” side of camp that is necessary for camp to function. Responsibilities include serving lunch, setting up for activities, maintaining lost and found, and more.

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For more information please call camp office at 347-689-1815 or e-mail to schedule your interview and begin the application process.


Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP)


Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) is the nation’s largest youth employment program, connecting NYC youth between the ages of 16 and 24 with career exploration opportunities and paid work experience each summer.

Participants have the opportunity to explore their interests and career pathways, develop workplace skills and engage in learning experiences that help in developing their social, civic and leadership skills.