Download the Membership Application


MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES access to the Pool, Sauna, Fitness Center, Gym for Volleyball (refer to schedule) and discounts for sports classes.


Membership Type Annual Fee Monthly Fee
(2 parents + all children through high school)
$542 $60
Single Parent Family 
(Single parent household + all children under 18)
$353 $50
Adult Couple $479 $55
Individual Adult $391 $45
Teen/College Student
(ages 14 through 22)
$252 $30
Senior Couple
(At least one member is over 65)
$315 $35
Individual Senior Adult (65+) $227 $25
New Members Initiation Fee
New Member/Renewal Registration Fee (couples/families) $25
New Member/Renewal Registration Fee (individuals) $15
Guest Passes
(Adult visitor pass fee will be deducted from membership if purchased within the week)
(Guest must be accompanied by a member/visitor over the age of 18)
Lost Card Fee

Payment Information:

  • Membership fees are subject to change.​

  • Membership is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

  • To qualify for the various membership types, documentation will be required such as proof of age valid photo ID, proof of family relationship, co-residence at the same address, full time student status, etc.


Use of Membership:

  • Members must show their Shorefront Y membership ID and scan in each time they enter the facility.

  • Membership must remain current throughout enrollment in programs or classes at the Y where a discounted rate was applied.

  • The Y reserves the right to suspend or revoke membership at any time for misuse of the ID card, non compliance with the rules and by-laws of the organization or misuse of the facility.

  • The Y does not provide options to freeze or suspend membership accounts.