Sunday Funday Swim Program (Children 5-13)

Four groups meet every Sunday from 2:30 to 4:30 pm

Sunday Funday Swim Program is designed to serve the needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities. The program uses visual aids, is very accommodating for children with sensory difficulties & allows children to be in a soothing environment. Group members participate in instructional swim with peers and receive 1:1 child to staff ratio within the pool. Swim lessons are 30 minutes long and are guided by certified swim instructor.

Generously Funded By

All-Together After School (Children Ages 5-14)

Free Program

Group meets Monday – Friday from 3:00 to 6:00 pm.
We work with the Office of Pupil Transportation to arrange a school bus drop-off.

The Shorefront YM-YWHA’s All-Together After School Program offers children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders a safe and nurturing small group environment to socialize, learn, and have fun. With a child to staff radio of 2:1, a major focus of the work is enhancing the social skills of participants. A typical day includes homework help, arts, sports, fitness activities, and engaging in educational projects with typically developing children.

The All-Together Afterschool Program Offers:
• Homework Assistance | • Music and Movement | • Sensory Exploration | • Art Groups | • Dramatic Play | • Story Time | • Outdoor Play | • Healthy Nutrition | • Swimming | • Science | • Social Skills

Friendship Program

Mondays & Tuesdays | 3:00 - 6:00 pm | Children Ages 5 to 13 with Autism Spectrum Disorder | 2:1 Child to Staff Ratio

A Recreational Socialization After School Program for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Program features: dance & movement, music, socialization, homework, sensory exploration, science and outdoor play.

All of our group activities are planned based on the abilities and needs of your child and are designed to focus on social skills development and academic support.

Social Skills Group

Wednesdays | 4:30 — 6:00pm

Is your child with Autism Spectrum Disorder lacking social skills?

Our group will focus on:

Conversation Skills, Play Skills, Emotion Regulation, and Perspective-Taking

Michelle Gorenstein-Holtzman, Psy.D, a Clinical Psychologist from the Seaver Autism Center Mount Sinai School of Medicine, will provide  regular consultation to staff at the Shorefront Y on a social skills curriculum developed by the Seaver Autism Center. 


Sunday Funday (Children Ages 5-14)

Group meets every other Sunday from 12:00 to 2:00 pm.

The Sunday Funday program at the Shorefront Y offers a range of fun and engaging activities for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities. Children enhance their socialization skills through participation in various group activities with a child to staff ratio of 2:1. 

The Sunday Funday activities include:
• Outdoor Play
• Art Groups
• Music and Movement
• Sensory Exploration
• Dramatic Play
• Gym Instruction
• Social Skills Activities
• Musical Theater Coaching



Summer Day Camp

Inclusion Program (Children in grades 1-5)

The Shorefront Y's Summer Day Camp Inclusion Program is offered in a supportive and nurturing environment that meets children's individual needs. Children enjoy summer activities, participate in sports and make friends.

Summer Day Camp Inclusion Program includes:

  • Daily Beach Outings
  • Team Sports
  • Field Trips
  • Swimming Lessons with Shorefront Y Lenny Krayzelburg Academy
  • Hot kosher lunches and snacks
  • Jewish values and activities

Camp Gsharim
6 Weeks | 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM | Children Ages 5-14 

Lunch and snacks are provided.

Designed for children who are unable to attend a full day summer camp due to their school schedule. The goal of Camp Gsharim is to foster an inclusive social atmosphere where campers have opportunities to meet new friends and have new experience while receiving the support and structure needed for campers to be successful in a shortened Jewish summer camp environment. 


Activities include and are not limited to: swimming, performing arts, sports, martial arts, sensory exploration, science, art and social skills enhancement.


For more information, contact KramerL@shorefronty.org or 347.689.1842

Scholarships Available

The Summer Camp Inclusion Program (SCIP) is made possible through the generosity of the Lisa Beth Gerstman Foundation and the J.E. and Z.B. Butler Foundation.