We make a difference in the lives of young children and their families!

Our developmentally appropriate, challenging educational curriculum is based on knowledge and understanding of how children grow and develop socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically, and integrates learning opportunities with high expectations. We focus on recognizing and expanding each child’s interest, strengths and learning abilities. Play is an essential part of our childhood and is therefore an integral part of our curriculum.

Our school atmosphere is supportive, interesting, and engaging. Our classrooms and playground are fully equipped with age-appropriate instructional materials and toys to support children’s developmental levels, physical abilities, learning styles, and interests. Our classroom centers promote meaningful learning and continual growth, as well as support children’s natural curiosity and self-discovery.

We believe that every family brings their unique family values, languages, diversity, traditions, and expectations to the program. We value, respect, and support a strong cooperation and partnership with each family.

Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing & child-centered learning environment with a high-quality educational program to prepare each child for a lifetime of learning in school and beyond. We strongly believe that the Early Childhood years are the most important years in the lives of young children for physical, social-emotional, and cognitive growth, and are the keys to building a strong foundation for future educational success.

Each child we teach is a unique and special individual. Each student has different interests, learning abilities, personal needs, and a different level of life experiences. We respect and value differences among children - gender, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic.

Our highly educated, well-trained and experienced teachers use a range of various approaches, teaching strategies, and interaction styles to meet our school readiness goals and the needs of our students. We create an environment where our children feel safe to learn, and where they are respected, trusted and listened to. Our teachers help our students to develop their potential by believing in them and inspiring them to learn!

Mrs. Yelena Kirilko, M.S. in Education/Director of Early Childhood

Big Apple Award recognizing teacher excellence in New York City