11 2017

Operation Wedding: A documentary film

6:00PM - 8:30PM  

at the Shorefront Y
718-305-1144 ext. 334 veronica@shorefronty.org

Q&A with Israel Zalmanson - Israel was a member of Operation Wedding and is Sylva Zalmanson’s younger brother. He was only 21 years old at the day of the arrest and he was sentenced to 8 years in the Gulag, which he served in full.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef2x9CjitYo 

Leningrad, 1970. A group of young Jewish dissidents plots to hijack an empty plane and escape the USSR. Caught by the KGB a few steps from boarding, they were sentenced to years in the gulag and two were sentenced to death; they never got on a plane. 45 years later, filmmaker Anat Zalmanson-Kuznetsov reveals the compelling story of her parents, leaders of the group, "heroes" in the West but "terrorists" in Russia, even today.

Light refreshments will be served.